Summer is definitely one of many people's favourite seasons. The weather is warm and we are in a good mood. We go out more often, meet friends, spend more time with our loved ones...

Let's not forget the long-awaited summer break. All winter we have been dreaming this warm moment of the year, when we are already relaxing casually on the beach towel and enjoying the whisper of the waves and the gentle touch of the sea breeze...

Besides being the most favourite holiday season, it turns out that summer is also the best season to buy a property by the sea. Here are a few reasons:

Summer is the season of vacations, and you've probably been planning your vacation for a long time. Now is also a good time to plan your viewing by tours. The summer season is the best time to combine the pleasant with the useful.

Photo: Gated Complex Perla, Burgas

One of the biggest pros when buying a new property by the sea is that you can take advantage of your summer holidays to arrange meetings and home viewing tours with estate agents and consultants. It is enough to spend a few hours or a day to realize all the meetings in the surrounding area.

Also, an advantage is that you will have the opportunity to get to know the city where you plan to buy your new home. You'll have plenty of time to take a leisurely stroll and to explore everything around you. This will give you a clear idea of whether the area meets your needs for a new home.

In this case, you will enjoy your holiday and at the same time took its benefits. Your time will be well managed - you'll have a nice walk, visit new places and sights and, along with that, take a big step in choosing your future home.

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Another advantage when choosing a new seaside home during the summer season, is the longer day. During the winter when the days are shorter, meetings with sales consultants after 16:30. are either useless to the buyer or are not negotiated at all

Since it's dark outside after these hours, you could miss a lot remarks or get the wrong idea about the property overall. For those who working on a standard business hours this is quite impractical, because they only have the opportunity after these hours, or during  weekend when most consultants don't actually arrange viewing tours.


Photo: Two-storey houses complex Majestic Sea Village 

That's why summer vacation is a practical and good solution for buying a new home. The longer day will make it easier for you to schedule appointments. This will make it easier for you to arrange a convenient time for both sides, and you could use the longer time slot as an advantage and arrange your viewing tours even after 5 PM.

And even if you did manage to free up a day, you would be able to visit far fewer sites during the winter and to explore far fewer properties during daylight hours. The longer summer day will allows you to view more properties and homes during the day. So, if you have scheduled your meetings for after 4:00 PM you will have at least two more hours.


If you've already like some of our properties, feel free to contact us and request your free viewing appointment with our sales consultants. They will give you the attention and the assistance you need at every step of the purchase, without owing a commission.

When we talk about buying a seaside property, another pros of the summer season is the greater supply.

Whether you're looking for your new seaside home or your new holiday home, summer is also more favourable in terms of choice. Many of the owners of properties on the sea, list them for sale during the season. Which in turn provides you with more variety and increases your chances of finding the best home for you. A larger supply minimizes the likelihood of compromising on your needs related for square footage, floor plan, exposure, stage of completion, etc. and allows you to make the best deal for you.

Photo: Two-storey houses complex Majestic Sea Village 

When your looking is for a home in a gated complex, summer’s appointment tours could give you a better judgement of the quality of services.

During the summer,   most of the owners who use their property as a holiday homes are in their seaside homes, Thanks to this, during the viewing tour you will be able to assess whether you will have noisy neighbors. Or will it be noisy around the pool?

Photo: Gated Complex Perla, Burgas

Is the place maintained well and is it worth the investment? Or is the maintenance fee being unnecessarily high? Take a good look to see if the pool is in good condition, is it cleaned regularly, disinfected? And what about the garden? Does a professional take care of the landscaping or are the green common areas are left unmaintained... Are the common areas cleaned? - In summer, more visitors probably also means more pollution. Is the complex well maintained? Take a look around - is it clean around you? If the gated complex is well maintained in the summer, this ensures that the facility is well cared in other seasons as well.

Take a look at the available properties in our complexes and make a safe investment when buying your future home. For more information, contact us on +359 886 611 666



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