In quarter Zornitsa, in the fourth largest city in Bulgaria - The Sea city Burgas, is proudly standing the Gated community Perla – the pearl in the crown of the city!


Предимства в блок Перла 8 - затворен комплекс Перла в град Бургас

  The location of the Gated community was strategically chosen – with a view to the Sea and the Bay of Burgas to the east, and to the southeast, and with a view to the Atanasovsko lake to the northeast. It is close to the main thoroughfares of the city, while at the same time it is inside the Gated community and the transport communication is on the inner streets, allowing Perla to be isolated from the noise and the hectic traffic.

  Perla has its own infrastructure of beautiful green park areas of low and high greenery, exotic palms and trees. As a Gated community, it is designed to meet the needs of its owners and offers all the necessary public services such as indoor underground parking, coffee bar, shops, hairdresser, Gym, 24-hour security, video surveillance and controlled access.

  The residents of the Gated community also have a private outdoor pool for adults and children with an area of 200 sq. m.  A second outdoor pool will soon be build. Part of the infrastructure is a children's playground for care-free games of your kids, benches of pleasantly lined alleys - the ideal place to live happily ever after.



Блок 8

  Pearl 8 will be the aesthetic and functional finish from the southwest of Gated community Perla. Two new buildings are currently being built. The height of the buildings will be variable, with a smooth stepped silhouette. In its highest part, the building will have 2 levels of underground floors, ground floor and thirteen residential floors - a total of 14 above-ground levels.
  The people who want to buy a new home in the fourteen-story building will have the opportunity to choose between one-bedroom, two-bedroom and multi-bedroom apartments. From the higher floors, the new owners will have the opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of the sea, the Bay of Burgas from the east, and from the northeast they will admire Atanasovsko Lake - the bird paradise, and will be able to watch Via Pontica - the ancient Roman birds’ road. In the lower building will prevail three-bedroom apartments.


  With the construction of Perla 8 the courtyard of the Gated community will also be increased. In the project, there are planned to be built more green areas and a new fascinating swimming pool on several levels. Through shallows, it will flow into the already-built swimming pool of the Gated community. A beautiful bridge will take the residents of the Gated community from the one side to the other. Attractive water elements, and a small chapel will add beautiful look to the entire Gated community Perla.

  The main purpose of Artstroy 1 Investment is to provide a higher standard of living for its clients. Relating to this, Perla 8 will be build with construction materials with the highest class of energy efficiency parameters - class A! The energy used for air conditioning and heating will provide lower costs compared to other buildings. This high energy class responds to global trends for more environmentally-friendly energy consumption and environmental care. In the new building will be installed connection to the centralized heating system of the city. A fully built-in installation will be made with the possibility for each apartment to be connected to the centralized heating system with central hot water and heating. The new owners will have the chance to choose for themselves if they want to take advantage of this opportunity. 

Блок 8



  In Gated community Perla there are more than 360 sold apartments and over 40 commercial premises! With the construction of the new two buildings will be added 150 new homes. To create more different and pleasant environment for the residents of the Gated community, all buildings are built with the architectural footprint of the buildings along the coast of Monaco.
 The facades are made of mineral plaster, in two colors and texture, the cladding is made of natural stone, and the railing of the balconies and the "French" windows are either made of metal - wrought iron with decorative, floral elements or concrete decorative elements, balusters. Beauty, style, joy, delight for the eye, and comfort - this is Gated community Perla!

  Extremely suitable place for families looking for security, coziness and tranquility for themselves and their children. In the quarter Zornitsa and near Perla there is a sports hall called Boycho Branzov. There are also Penio Penev Vocational School of Building and Installations, as well as Geo Milev English Language School and the Johan Goethe High School of German Language. There is a primary school - Georgi Benkovski, and one kindergarten - Zvezditsa Zornitsa. Shopping facilities and convenient public transport to all important points of the city, as well as a stop for the fast line of the Bus. The Gated community is also surrounded by bicycle lanes, leading to the city center and the sea promenade, also dozens of outdoor sports places.

A new street: With the construction of Perla 8, Artstroy 1 Investment will finance and construct a street to the South-West with the aim to alleviate traffic in the living Zornitsa quarter. Artstroy 1 Construction will build another public parking lot at their own expense, neighboring the Gated community Perla and the Boycho Branzov sports hall. This will facilitate more convenient parking in the living quarter and will improve the towns’ infrastructure.

  To keep and maintain the beautiful appearance of the Gated community – maintaining the year-round greenery, cleaning of the Perla’s area and the common parts of the apartment blocks, cleaning and maintenance of the open swimming pools, maintain the children's playground, keep in good shape the recreation areas, maintain the pedestrian alleys, the spaces between the building, the parking lot, the owners of the dwellings and retail space have to pay maintenance fee, which is а fixed fee with a legal contract. The fee also includes - 24/7 live guard and video surveillance, to make you feel more secure in your own property. 


Perla offers to its residents a great place for relaxation after the long day at work among greenery and spaciousness!

 Gated community Perla also offers commercial premises for sale.

  All buildings where you can buy a commercial premise, are very well maintained. If you buy an office or a shop in Perla, your business will enjoy attention not only by the residents living in the Gated community, but also in the well-developed residential area of the whole quarter Zornitsa. 

Benefits of positioning your business in a Gated community Perla are:

  • Near three schools and a kindergarten;

  • Near stops of the public transport and the fast line of the Bus;

  • Build free parking spaces around the Gated community;

  • Opportunity to purchase underground parking space;

  • Features 24-hour security and video surveillance

  • Beautifully landscaped courtyard, walking areas and rest paths;

  • Cafe - bar in the Gated community;

  • Near restaurants and sports fields;

  • Easy access to the Gated community, a very recognizable and extremely communicative area;

Artstroy 1 Investment Sales Office Perla
Adress: 7 bl., quarter Zornitsa, City of Bourgas - Gated community Perla,
Phone: +359 886 611 666
We are expecting you!



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