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Personal data administrator:
Artstroy 1 Investment EOOD, hereinafter referred to as the Administrator.


Contact details:

Mob.: +35988421627
Head office and registered address: Bulgaria, city of Burgas, 98 Aleksandrovska Street, Floor 1


Contact details of the official in charge of protection of personal data of Artstroy 1 Investment EOOD.
3 Hristo Belchev Street
Telephone: +359 897 666654

Information about the Commission for Personal Data Protection:
Head office and registered address: city of Sofia 1592, 2 Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd.
Correspondence details: city of Sofia 1592, 2 Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd.
Telephone:02 915 3 518


Security, correct use and processing of personal data is of exceptional significance for Artstroy 1 Investment EOOD and our users. This is why it is important for them to understand how and why we process their personal information. 

The website administrator guarantees to their users that they have taken all precautions for protection of personal data in accordance with the statutory requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/679. With the applied policy for protection of personal data the Administrator respects the right of inviolability of personality and guarantees that they make all required efforts to protect personal data, both of registered users and of everyone who has left their personal data in the form for enquiries. By using a CRM system and taking measures for the protection of our on- and offline content we guarantee that we have taken precautions against the unlawful processing of PD that we receive. We use modern technology and protections in order to provide security and minimised risk.

This Personal data policy is inextricably bound by the General Terms and Conditions of Artstroy 1 Investment EOOD It does not regulate rights or obligations but aims at explaining to you, our users, what personal data we process in connection with providing electronic communication services and goods (real properties, information about "Blog Articles" about the company and interesting information connected with real properties, other useful information connected with the field of industry where we operate and with the companies which are a part of the Artstroy Group), why and how we process the data, including when it is necessary to divulge personal data to third persons and why. It also provides information on the rights that you have as a user of this website in connection with processing your personal data by Artstroy 1 Investment EOOD.

This Personal data policy applies with regard to personal data that Artstroy 1 Investment EOOD or another company from the Artstroy Group gathers and processes from inquiries and registrations on this website and in connection with the real properties and the services that it offers. Gathering and processing your personal data is performed in accordance with the personal data policy (and/or cookies policy) for this website or its applications, as well as the profiles in the social media, to which there are reference in this website and are the property of Artstroy 1 Investment EOOD.

How do we gather personal data?

On the website of Artstroy 1 Investment EOOD there are two direct methods for gathering personal data:
•    By registration on the website;

•    By sending and inquiry through contact details or some of the forms for enquiries;

•    By subscribing for our email newsletter;

In order for us to be able to process your enquiries we need personal data, namely first name and surname, and contact details, which is a requirement of the CRM system with which we work. You voluntarily send your inquiry to us. If you register on our website or tick the specially designated box stating that you would like to receive information from us, we shall send you information by e-mail (our offers, valid information from our Blog and other marketing messages), but not more than twice a month. For this purpose you have to have ticked that you agree to receive such information. 

Please take it into consideration that you can always refuse to receive e-mail from us!

Why do we gather your personal data?

•    In order for us to send a reply to the inquiries you leave on our website;
•    In order for us to send you e-mails with our promotions, up-to-date news and other marketing messages and materials;
•    In order for us to send you documents via e-mal, if you are our clients.
•    Because of performance on the part of Artstroy 1 Investment EOOD of their contractual obligations to you;
•    For the purposes of the legitimate interest of Artstroy 1 Investment EOOD;
•    Statistical purposes.

What data do we process?

We process different personal data, depending on the type of services provided to users. Such data includes identification information about the user, information about the person: number, first name and surname, e-mail, which are required for the registration and for sending an inquiry, data about the parameters of the property being, as well as information about their budget, if the user wishes provide such, area of the property being searched, etc. Providing PD is totally voluntary and does not restrict the user to look through the content of our website. The registration is necessary only for additional services that the company provides in the form of information, which you can receive free of charge on one of our telephones. Every time when you, as a user, open our webpage and all sub-pages and menus, we receive information in the form of information protocol. On our website there are markers of GoogleAdwords, GoogleAnalytics and the CRM system that we use. These markers and the information gathered by the website give us information about:

•    Your web browser and the operation system
•    The reference which forwards you to our webpage;

•    Duration and date of visit;
•    IP address;
•    Your inquiries;
•    Information about website registration;
•    General demographic data about all users without detailed profiling; 


When processing your personal data (PD) we abide by the following principles:

•    Confidentiality of PD processing, and guaranteeing high level of security of the personal data checked;

•    Lawfulness and good will;
•    Correctness and accuracy of data;
•    Storage of your personal data for a pre-determined period of time;
•    It is gathered only and solely for the purposes expressly stated in this Policy.


How long shall we store the PD each user and person who has sent an inquiry or has registered on the current website?

Artstroy 1 Investment EOOD shall store the users' personal data for as long as necessary in order for the purposes stated in this Personal Data Policy to be achieved or in order for the statutory requirements to be complied with. In view of performing our duties and obligations resulting from taxation and accountancy legislation, the data about a certain user shall be stored for a period of 11 years. If a person has purchased real property or has a contract with any of the companies from Artstroy Group , their personal data shall be used until the expiration of the time periods for processing PD, in accordance with the contract and the legislation, unless there is a lawful reason for the person's PD to be stored for a longer period of time.

This Personal Data Policy can be changed or amended due to changes in the applicable legislation, following an initiative by Artstroy 1 Investment EOOD, of the users or of a competent authority such as the Commission for Personal Data Protection.

Processing your personal data:

We gather and process your personal data for the purposes expressly stated above. Your personal data are stored in a CRM system which complies with the applicable national and European legislation. This system is subject to processing only officials authorised by Artstroy 1 Investment EOOD.

The data with which we are voluntarily provided by you is stored so that we can:

•    Send you e-mails with advertisements, if you have already registered;
•    Process your inquiries;
If you have registered we use your electronic address to send you information about our sites and real properties, services that we offer, blog articles and other interesting information.

Links to web pages, part of the group, and other web pages of our partners 

Our web page contains links to other web pages of other companies property of Artstroy Group and possibly there will be references to our partner companies, with which we work. The policies for protection of PD apply to this website only. Each website that is the property of Artstroy group has its own personal data protection policy. Our partner websites administer their own web pages independently. Artstroy 1 Investment EOOD shall not be liable or responsible for other web pages different from The general terms and conditions and the PD protection are only for lending/the target pages property of Artstroy 1 Investment Ltd  and this website. We shall not be responsible or liable for the content of other websites and we ask that you do not pay attention to their content. The responsibility or liability for any breaches and offences shall be borne only by the provider of the web page to which you have been redirected.

Web services that we use

GoogleAnalytics andGoogleAdwords

Web service offered by Google, Inc ("Google").
This website uses the services of GoogleAnalytics and GoogleAdwords.
The two platforms for web services function through files called "cookies". You can set your browser in order to prevent the recording of cookies. Please take it into consideration that if you set your website not to gather or send cookies it is possible that you will not use all functions of this website. 


GoogleAnalytics is used for compiling statistical data about visitors of our website.

GoogleAds (you can change your settings and you will not receive advertisements from here!) provides us services for re-marketing and behavioural guidance.

In the last months Google took major precautions to provide security during the operation with PD as per GDPR, in order for us to continue using the platform in accordance with the new rules introduced on 25/05/2018. According to the EEA Agreement Google took a number of measures in order to comply with the Directive that is coming into force.

 Facebook and Instagram

This website uses Pixel and "cookies" connected to the social networks Facebook and Instagram. The two platform are the property of FacebookInc., 1601 S. CaliforniaAve, PaloAlto, CA 94304, USA.

When you access our website through Facebook it reflects this activity and gives us statistical data for accessing our website from the two platforms. We use  Faceobook & Instagram re-marketing in order to show you our advertisement of products that you have viewed on our website. When you access the two platforms from our website you can be requested to log into your profile if you have not done that automatically. Please take it into consideration that we shall not be held responsible or liable in case a malware reads and steals your password for the social media in some way. Please make sure that you visit the platform of the social network and not of some malicious website. When your log into the social platform it informs us that you have visited our page or website. In order to protect your rights when using one of the two platforms or the two platforms, please address FacebookInc. For more information visit the Facebook page on their policy for protection of PD here!

What are your rights?

You can request to receive free-of-charge information about the personal data gathered about you. You can refuse at any time to have your personal data gathered and processed and you can also demand to be forgotten. For this purpose please send an e-mail to our DPO at the contact details specified at the top of this page.

If you have accepted and registered on our website you are entitled to give it up at any time. In this case you are to use the option for refusal provided at the end -of each e-mail or by writing to


What are "cookies"?

"Cookies" are small text files sent by the websites that you visit to the visitor's device or computer. The role of these small files is to gather information about the use of the website by the user, in order for them to be recognised and to improve the functionality of the website and the work with it. The given visitor cannot be personally identified by this type of recognition of the visitors that have accessed the website. The information gathered by the "cookies" most often includes:

•    Internet protocol address (IP) of the device, from which the visitor accesses the platform;

•    Type of the device from which the visitor accesses the website (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.);

•    Type of the operational system;
•    Type of browser;
•    Actions taken by the users - visited pages, frequency of visits to the website; duration of stay on a certain page, etc.

More information  on cookies can be seen on:

In order for the website of Artstroy 1 Investment EOOD to work properly and in order for you to enjoy working with it, we use "cookies". When you visit our website a pop-up appears warning you that we use "cookies" and you have to accept it in order to use our website normally.

Cookies that I use:

•    Essential cookies – these are necessary for the website to be able to perform its functions correctly. Thanks to these cookies we show you, for example, the information on our website in your language; we give you the possibility to write in our chat; we verify the authenticity of our users.

•    Cookies for efficiency and functionality. We use these cookies to remember your preferences so that you will not have to again enter your registration data that you have already uploaded once. You can always set up your browser not to store this information. We also use the information from them in order to gather information on the way you use our website in order to improve it;
•   Analytical cookies – cookies from third parties

Cookies of GoogleAnalytics

We use this type of cookies in order to keep track of the visits of our website. Thanks to them we analyse how easy it is for our users to work with our website, what our predominant target group is and how many visits do we have per day. These cookies do not give us general information about all visitors but neither do they disclose your personal data. The longest period, for which we shall store analytical data in GoogleAnalytics is 50 months.

Cookies of Microsoft Dynamics 365

From this type of cookies we receive general data about anonymous visitors to the website and the pages on our website; the operational system that is being used; the type of device; which of our already registered clients visit our website again and which pages they have visited; where the visits are from – Google, Facebook or another referential source.

•    Cookies for precise targeting – advertising cookies

Cookies from third parties - Facebook и Google

We use these cookies because they give us information about how you used our website and in order for our advertisements to be triggered, on the basis of the content that you have viewed. They do not store your PD. 

Advertising Cookies

We use those types of cookies for example:

•    to get information on the way you use our websites, such as the pages you visit or how you respond to our ads, in order to provide you with ads that matches your interest;
•    to determine which are the most popular parts of our website;
•    to monitor the use of our services and our website (frequency and time);
•    to determine how often you and other users visit our website;
•    to conduct surveys so that your interaction with our site and ourselves can be improved.

Often, these cookies aim to deliver ads that match you - both in and outside of our site. These types of ads are known as "interest-based advertising." Many of these types of cookies belong to our service providers.
Session coockies

Session cookies

It is possible that we use a session cookie, for example: 

•    to allow you to move between the pages of our site without having to log in again, as well as to move between individual sites (our official website and our online store, for example). This practice is known as "single sign-on";

•    to recognize you when you return to our site to use our services;

•    to keep the answers to a once filled in questionnaire form (and you do not have to fill out the form repeatedly).

How can you delete your cookies and ban them from gathering:

You choose whether to accept the cookies. You can set your browser to notify you about cookies. These settings allow you to decline or accept cookies. You can set your browser to decline all cookies. Find out how to do this by visiting 

Important!!! Please take it into consideration that disabling cookies in your browser can disturb the way in which our website functions and you may not be able to use its full functionality. 

All future changes in our General Terms and Conditions, Personal Data Protection Policy and Policy about Cookies can be amended, modified or updated. We retain the right to make changes when we deem appropriate. All changes shall be included on the pages of the respective policy. Any updated policy shall become effective at the moment of its being published. If you are a registered user of our website the changes shall become effective within two weeks after being published on our website. 

Personal data administrator:
Artstroy 1 Investment EOOD, referred to as the Administrator.
Contact details:
Mob.: +35988421627
Head office and registered address: Bulgaria, city of Burgas, 98 Aleksandrovska Street, Floor 1

Contact details of the official in charge of protection of personal data of Artstroy 1 Investment EOOD.
3 Hristo Belchev Street
Telephone: +359 897 666654

Information about the Commission for Personal Data Protection:
Head office and registered address: city of Sofia 1592, 2 Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd.
Correspondence details: city of Sofia 1592, 2 Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd.
Telephone:02 915 3 518

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