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General terms and conditions for using the website of Artstroy 1 Investment EOOD

Last amendment: 2018 

Thank you and welcome to our website! You can read more about us here! 

Registered address of Artstroy 1 Investment EOOD: Bulgaria, city of Burgas, 98 Aleksandrovska Street, Floor 1. 

  By using this website and the services provided through it you accept our General Terms and Conditions. Please read them carefully and in case you have questions, please address us at +359888421627 – site administrator or at the following e-mail email:

  If your enquiries are about issues connected with protection of personal data (PD), please contact our DPO (Employee in charge of personal data protection) at the following address:

        3 Hristo Belchev Street
        Telephone: +359 897 666654

By your visiting our website we accept that you agree with our riles, terms and conditions for its use. You have read our General Terms and Conditions and accept them, which binds you with the effect of a contract which, by using the website and the information in it, you undertake to comply with. These terms and conditions for using the website can be amended and updated at any time. The users who visit and download the website shall be considered bound by their valid text at the moment when they download the website. Please do not download the website if you do not accept our General Terms and Conditions! These GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS regulate the relationships between Artstroy 1 Investment EOOD and the users of Internet web pages and services on

Who do the General Terms and Conditions apply to: The terms and conditions using the site refer to any person who has visited this website from the moment when, on the device used by them (cell phone, tablet, computer, etc.) in the browser used to visualise information (of different nature) included in the site, until the moment of terminating their session/access to the information which is a part of this website. If you do not accept our terms and conditions, please do not use this website and the modules and services in it. We created these rules and guidelines with the sole purpose to protect you and to provide secure, pleasant and useful work with our webpage.

  Please take it into consideration that the information is constantly BEING UPDATED but that it is possible for  some old prices or information to have remained on the website. In order to make sure that the information published is up-to-date, please contact us for confirmation by making an inquiry or telephoning on the numbers specified HERE.  Artstroy 1 Investment EOOD shall not be liable or responsible is the information on our Blog is not up-to-date. Do not use our articles as a complete guide, always check the information and its up-to-dateness. Artstroy 1 Investment EOODcannot guarantee that each offer published is valid at this moment. Both our articles and website are informative and intended for wide audience of users. Please consult our representative or expert in the field that is of interest to you on the precise interpretation of the specific information on our website 

For their interpretation and application of these General Terms and Conditions the terminology listed below shall have the following meaning:

1. "SERVICE/S" on the Internet website include the following: 

  • Reviewing information on real properties, blog articles and other information on this website;
  • Creation of user profiles by registration;
  • Access to information resources/data on the website;
  • Other actions of users provided to them through the Internet platform;
  • Downloading information from our website;
  • Search for information on our website;
  • Sending inquiries and contact with us;
  • Visiting our websites, part of the  Artstroy Group Jsc.

    2. "USER" is any natural person or legal entity using any of the services on the Internet platform Persons that have not yet attained majority are to use the website under the supervision of a parent or a guardian. is entitled to limit, at its own discretion, the access to a part of the website content for people that have not yet attained majority. 


As a user of this website you have to comply with all rules which are provided to you in the Services on the Artstroy 1 Investment EOOD website. We ask you not to misuse the content of the website and the Services provided through it. For example, do not copy  them, nor distribute information from the website  without our express consent. You are allowed to use the provided Services only for the foreseen applicable purposes. We reserve the right, in case of misuse or breach of the rules for use on your part, to restrict your access to this website or to terminate the provision of services.

  The use of our services and the access that we provide to you does not entitle you to the intellectual property and website content. Any information, images, logos, brand characteristics, services and anything distributed on our website is a subject of intellectual property and you do not have rights over it. There are exceptions for legally allowed cases of use of information. You do not have the right to remove or change website content! Neither do you have the right to copy published information about real property or other information connected with our sites, activity or any other information connected with the website content. If on our website there is content that is not our property or a reference to another website, it is the responsibility of the proprietor of the provided information. Artstroy 1 Investment EOOD shall not be liable or responsible if you open our website or application in a situation demanding your attention. 

  We try to update the information connected with the residences, gated complexes, services offered by us, as well as any other information connected or bound in some way to our activity or published on the website. It is possible, due to a technical error or for another reason, for information to have remained, such that is not valid at the moment of your visiting our website. Please check the information by contacting us on the telephones on our website from HERE.


Your profile on the website, property of Artstroy 1 Investment EOOD:

You may need to register in order to use some of our services. The creation of a personal profile is easy and you need to write your name and surname, telephone, user name and to accept the declaration according to which we shall be able send you marketing materials. Please read the section "Protection of Personal Data".

In order to protect your profile and your data please do not tell your password to anyone. You are the person responsible in case an act somehow jeopardizing PD protection is committed, if you tell your password to another person, or if your password is stolen in some way, by an access to a device of yours where you opened and put in an password for access to the website of Artstroy 1 Investment EOOD.

  In case you register on our website we send you valid information about our services, promotions of real properties, valid information about residences, articles from our Blog and other information connected with real properties and topic connected with the industry in which we work. Make your reservation HERE. You can give up your registration at any time and send us an e-mail to be forgotten. You can read more about your right to be forgotten in "Protection of Personal Data".

Responsibility for our services

Goods or services are not sold through the website of Artstroy 1 Investment EOOD. Through it you can look at our sites and the residence in them that are being offered, as well as to receive additional information about them. Everything connected with the purchase of real estate and the additional services offered by us, if offered on our website, is confirmed after a meeting with the user or a person authorised by them in one of the offices of the companies from the Artstroy Group. Contracts or agreements cannot be made through the website, nor can sums be paid for the purchase of real property or the use of another type of service be negotiated. If this happens in the future, we retain the right to incorporate an addition clarifying this process into the general terms and conditions.

  According to the Bulgarian legislation and the applicable provisions Artstroy 1 Investment EOOD and its partners shall not be liable for foregone earnings, profits lost, lost data, indirect or financial losses or other types of damage. No payments for registration or usage of any service are accepted on the website, nor for use of any service, and if you are requested to make such a payment, Artstroy 1 Investment EOOD shall not be held liable or responsible.

 We retain the right to change these terms and conditions or to include additional terms and conditions. Our obligation is to specify them here. Any change in the terms and conditions shall be indicated here on this page. If you wish, when registering you can receive a Bulletin/additional information about the changes in our General Terms and Conditions. Please register HERE. The changes shall become valid at the moment of their publication on this page. The new terms and conditions shall invalidate the old ones, if changes have been made. We retain the right to also change, when we deem appropriate, each content of the website without informing our users.


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