The Summer break...the time of the year we are all looking forward to. For some, this is the family holiday they are waiting for, for others - the long-awaited adventure with their loved ones.

But what a summer will be if you don’t have the chance to immerse into the blue sea, even for a moment?!

Can you imagine what will be the feeling to wake up and hear the peaceful noise of the waves? Or feeling the sea breeze while you are drinking your morning coffee on your own veranda, in your own townhouse? Yes, that's right - your personal veranda where you can enjoy your personal success.

Majestic Sea Village

Oh, we CAN! And we are happy to help you make the wonderful picture that we just drawn to you - become real. That is why we created a fairy-tale for dreamers, but quite real! We called it Majestic Sea Village – Luxury Townhouse Complex of wonderful semi-detached two-story houses located in Pomorie, a few footsteps away from our beautiful Black Sea. Do you believe in miracles, do you dare to dream? If you do, don’t stop reading … 

Don’t try to “stuff” the long-awaited summer vacation into the exhaustive few days and searching for the best rental offers for hotel or house, when you can buy and have your own. Here is the place to mention, that when you do not use your property, you can give it for rental and gain a very good returning of your investment.

Learn more about the complex and the beautiful houses by calling us: +359 886 611 666 or send your questions by clicking HERE!

Believe that this can happen to you too! – enjoy your summer break in your own house and gain income from it. How? – it is very simple, come to a view tour and we will show you the houses, our example house that is fully furnished and we will tell you about the comforts, advantages and pleasures – infinity pool, club cafe, etc., that you will have the opportunity to enjoy in Majestic Sea Village – the complex that will make your dreams come true. 

Learn more about the Luxury Townhouse Complex “Majestic Sea Village” here.

With the breath of the sea … you deserve it! You deserve to own not just a new townhouse by the sea, but a property with a perspective! Give yourself and your family peace, comfort and extra income. 


Now you can be sure the road to the sea will leads in the right direction!

Majestic Sea Village


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