1. The location

When people move on to a buying decision, a lot of them choose to live in a house instead of an apartment precisely because of the location!

The house is the right choice for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle, the dust, the noise and the greyness of the big city. . . - Isn't that what we all want?

For people who like to be closer to nature, who love silence, privacy, peace and space, the house is the best solution! -

The Majestic Sea Village complex was created just for those people Majestic Sea Village complex is designed especially for you!

In order to provide you with what you need, we have tried to bring together the best of everything – the best of the sea, the silence, the comfort, the necessary proximity to the big city… And
this magical place is named Majestic Sea Village



Positioned in the Lahana area, Majestic Sea Village is a cosy paradise, gently nestled in the warm embrace of the sea. Located between the town of Burgas and the town of Pomorie, Majestic Sea Village is at the perfect distance to be far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, yet close enough to all the amenities it has to offer.


Majestic Sea Village is peaceful and beautiful. The view from the complex is just divine. That's the reason why Majestic Sea Village melts everyone's hearts, and is like a dream come true for those who have always dreamed of the vast seascape...


Secluded, quiet and cosy, at Majestic Sea Village you'll hear nothing but the soothing splash of the sea waves and the tinkling laughter of your children playing carefree in your picturesque courtyard.


If you too dream of living in nature, in peace, in quiet and privacy, just steps from the sea, come and have a look at the Majestic Sea Village complex with one of our consultants. Contact us at +359 800 20 888 and make a purchase with 0% commission

2. Healthy lifestyle

Besides peace and quiet, the remoteness from the city brings with it a beneficial effect on the health of your family and yours. 

We all know that the further we are from the city, where pollution is high, the cleaner is the air we breathe. And the cleaner and fresher air promotes restful sleep, which in turn increases energy and alertness. And also increases the quality of rest and the feeling of the relaxation.


Living in a polluted urban environment not only can "wake up" or exacerbate a number of allergies, and even asthma. But it can also cause various diseases, such as pulmonary, cardiovascular and/or infectious diseases, and also mental disorders.

The clean sea air, tranquility and privacy of the Majestic Sea Village complex will provide you with a healthier lifestyle and help improve your productivity and quality of life.


enlightenedFun Fact:  Did you know that living by the sea is the most beneficial for your health!?

It is believed that it is even more soothing and more useful than the one in the mountains or in the countryside.

In fact, salty sea air is cleaner, fresher and has higher levels of oxygen, which promotes good health, improves alertness and mood, boosts the immune system and lowers stress levels.

The sound of the waves, in turn, has a calming effect on the brain, has a relaxing effect, increasing the quality of sleep and reducing stress.

And as you admire the blue seascape, dopamine levels in the brain increase, which increases the feeling of calm and happiness.

Walking along the beach is extremely relaxing and liberating. It is therapeutic and help to overcome difficult situations, reduce anxiety and depression. And it’s even help extend life expectancy.

In your new home in Majestic Sea Village complex you will be able to enjoy all the benefits that the proximity to the sea and the distance from the city noise, smog and tension offer you.



Relaxing on your own veranda, surrounded by cleanliness, greenery and freshness, carried away by the gentle whisper of the sea waves you will be able to indulge in true rest, peace and relaxation. Gazing at the tranquility of the beautiful pictures the sea paints infront of you, your family and you will feel truly happy in your new beloved home!


Provide your loved ones and yourself with a healthy living environment, close to nature and with the fresh breath of the sea. Choose from 10 different types of two-storey houses and give your family the gift of health. Contact us on +359 800 20 888


3. The Space

Another of the main benefits of living in a house is inevitably space!

Unlike apartments, houses often have several floors. In their construction were provided more rooms with a larger surface area. As a bonus - they have a yard space, and there is always a parking space near the property. It is these features that make them a preferred choice for a new own home.

If you are looking for more space and love your personal freedom, the right choice for you is definitely a house! And if you love the sea - your house is located in the Majestic Sea Village complex!


The houses in the Majestic Sea Village complex are on two floors and have two or three bedrooms, the living rooms are spacious (with the smallest house being 27 sq. m. ) and the bathrooms are 2 or 3. This way every member of your family and you will have your own private space as well as your own room at your disposal.

You also have your own garden to make into a favourite holiday spot for the whole family. Your children will be able to play outdoors in the fresh air and under the warming sunbeam, while you enjoy a barbecue with friends or just relax, pleasantly enchanted by the gentle whisper of the sea waves.


Each house in Majestic Sea Village complex is provided with a parking space - right next to your house! Which is also included in the price of the property...
Your own parking space will ensure that you always have somewhere to park. You won't waste unnecessary time looking for a free one, and you can always invest the "earned" time in a sweet, blissful rest. More time for you, more time shared with your loved ones!


Find out more about the benefits of the complex and the available houses by contacting us on +359 800 20 888 or visit Majestic Sea Village directly. Our consultants will assist you at every stage of the transaction - No commission due!


4. Own infrastructure

One of the biggest concerns of new homeowners is the underdeveloped environment. In Majestic Sea Village complex there is no such problem. You won't be thinking about how to solve electrical or sewer problems. Neither with transport - the road to the houses is asphalted, and the infrastructure of the complex itself is beautifully arranged and maintained



If you're worried that snow in winter needs to be cleared - don't be. Taking care of the outdoor spaces will not be yours! Snow, dead grass, bushes... The professional maintenance of Majestic Sea Village will be taken care of by our partners from Artstroy Facilities.

In addition to clearing snow from the walkways and circulation streets in the complex, we'll make sure the yard lights are always working. We will also take care of mowing, watering, trimming and landscaping of the common green areas. So to provide a wonderful living environment, with lush, evergreen vegetation to bring you one step closer to nature. To create a sense of harmony so you feel convenient, cozy and comfortable in your new lovely home!


Not only that. Everything related to the common areas will be our responsibility - including the maintenance and cleaning of the pool.

To ensure quality management and maintenance of the complex, and to ensure transparency and trust, a management and maintenance agreement will be signed with each new property owner. The contract sets the annual fee and details all services to be provided by Artstroy Facilities after the Act 16 is obtained.

Yes, Majestic Sea Village will also have its own outdoor pool with an "infinity" effect, from which you can admire the beautiful sea panorama during the hot summer days. The feeling that you have fallen into infinity will take you on a magical adventure into a magical world full of peace, bliss and dreams - In your new own world!



You will also have no concerns for the safety of your loved ones. Access to the Majestic Sea Village complex is controlled and the site is under constant video surveillance - so your family will always be calm, protected and safe.

Take a look at the available houses for sale and make your choice for a new dream home steps from the sea. For more information and a viewing tour with one of our consultants, please contact us on +359 800 20 888 or send us an enquiry

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