Какво значи комисиона? - Такса, която при закупуване на имот от „Артстрой 1 Инвестмънт“ няма да дължите

Let's start with the word "commission" and its meaning. Commission is a widely used term, and it means a remuneration or a fee in the performance of intermediation in the execution of commercial transactions, purchase and sale of property, securities, currency, etc.

The commission for the sale of real estate is the remuneration provided for the intermediary services. In this case between the seller of the property and the buyer of the property through an agency, broker or other person. The purpose of such an intermediary activity is to lead to a contract between two parties, with the aim that all parties to the contract are satisfied - for one, a suitable property is found, and for the other, the sale of the property is completed.

Many construction companies and property owners turn to the services of estate agents and/or brokers, also called commission agents. The commission fee is usually calculated and is a certain percentage of the transaction value (the price of the property), and can also be negotiated as appropriate. If both the buyer and the seller are serviced by one agent (broker), the agent often receives a commission from both parties. Or to put it another way, the agency (broker) gets a percentage from the buyer and a percentage from the seller. If one agency leads a buyer and the seller is represented by another agency, the brokers of both agencies take a commission.

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Investment company "Artstroy 1 Investment" Ltd. has its own properties, in the construction of which it has invested. And for the convenience of our clients, we has created a sales department. Our sales specialists are there to answer to all customer inquiries, to realize viewing tours with them and to provide full assistance at every stage of the transaction if the client wishes to purchase property from the company. Our professionals do not receive a commission from either party in an actual transaction, either for their advice or for the assistance they offer. That means there is no additional financial burden for you as a customer and you do not pay extra. As a buyer, you'll pay only the fixed publicly advertised price for the property.

Our sales consultants are specialists in the field. They are able to give adequate advice and recommendation to clients wishing to purchase property. They will give you timely and adequate information, as they know  Artstroy 1 Investment properties very well. Once our consultant receives the necessary guidance information about the parameters of the property you are looking for, they will recommend the most suitable one that meets your individual requirements. Our clients are given the opportunity to visit and view the property on site. You can arrange a viewing appointment with our consultants at your convenience, every weekday from 09:00 АМ to 6:00 PM


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They will provide you with information about the property in detail - the condition of the specific property, the overall condition of the building in which it is located, the location and surroundings, infrastructure, complete square footage information, etc. Viewing tours are essential as this is how our clients get a real insight into the property recommended. The consultants will then send you an offer for you to review and consider upon your email submission. We have no practice of bothering our customers with constant calls. They will call you only to make sure you have received the offer and to answer your questions if any. It is often the case that the client wishes to carry out a repeat viewing tours, sometimes the properties is visited several times, which our consultants also recommend so that our clients can be sure and reassured that they have made the right choice.

After making a choice for the purchase of a specific property, clarifying the parameters and clear terms of the forthcoming transaction, a preliminary contract is prepared, which thoroughly describes the obligations and rights of the parties.

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Our employees are competent specialists with experience and can correctly and professionally accompany the client from the selection of the property to its transfer by deed, protecting its interests. When closing a deal, they are a trusted advisor and partner, keeping the client informed and in the loop with all processes until the deal is finalized. If you wish to purchase your home with a bank loan, our sales consultants will assist you and refer you to the banks we work with and offer you good terms.

The activity they perform is free of charge for all our clients. We are obliged to mention that besides this financial advantage, an important and MAIN ADVANTAGE is that our team is EXTREMELY Familiar with the PROPERTIES that Artstroy 1 Investment offers. The training they undergo and subsequently, the business they conduct is focused solely in the sale of the properties owned by the company - the complexes Pearl and Majestic Sea Village complex.

We at Artstroy 1 Investment strive to be loyal and honest in our dealings with all of our potential and current clients. In case of any questions, we do our best to respond in a timely manner so that they are well informed and subsequently confident and secure in their choice!

For advice on any of our properties, contact us on our phone number for enquiries +359 800 20 888.
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