We at Artstroy 1 Investment Company invest in the construction of gated complexes in Bulgaria. So far we have successfully implemented several projects, others are under construction or are about to start.

People which are looking to invest in a real estate or looking to buy their new home often have difficulties and wander into the property market. As a serious company, we at Artstroy 1 Investment have trained a team of specialists to assist our clients. 


They will accompany you at every step -  from choosing a property to transferring it by deed.

Why have we establish this qualified and confident team?

To make sure that any information you receive will be relevant, timely and useful to you! Our colleagues will advise you completely free of charge, with no commission due. If you decide to buy a property, part of our portfolio, our consultants will assist you at every stage of the future transaction.

We know how important a step buying a property is, so professionalism is something you need to look for and demand from the seller. Working with a trained and competent sales consultant not only ensures a qualified consultation and a smooth transaction, but also makes it easier for the client to make the best and safest choice for their future home or investment. 

Therefore, if you choose Artstroy 1 Investment, you will receive professional advice without paying for it. Yes - that's right, you don't owe a commission when viewing an apartment with one of our consultants or buying!

As mentioned, they are a trained team of specialists with complete information about our properties. You can always count on them for up-to-date information! If they happen to be unable to answer your questions at the time, count on receiving an accurate and clear answer as soon as possible, in consultation with an expert member of the firm!

Time is our life, time is money. Save yourself mistakes, wasted finances, days and hours. Our consultants are very familiar with the company's properties and will introduce you to the best place for you and your family. All that is needed is for you to come with us to view your future dream home!

We built it! Because we know home is important! Our home is where we feel happy and safe - we feel at home. That's why we created this home for you!


Gated complex "Perla" - in Burgas

 Majestic Sea Village complex - between city of Burgas and city of Pomorie


For more information, viewing tours or consultation, contact us at our
phone for enquiries +359 800 20 888 or +359 886 611 666
We look forward to your inquiries and in our inquiry form


Artstroy 1 Investment creates more than inspiring solutions for you,
our customers!

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