Why choose a multi-room dwelling for your new home?

Choosing a new family home is not always an easy decision. We are facing up many unknowns that we need to resolve before decide to buy.

One of the first things to consider when choosing a new home is the location. It should be convenient, the neighborhood should be attractive, parking spaces should be easy to find... And all that on a good price.

Complex Perla, is located in Zornitsa - just 5 minutes of walk from the sea garden of the town of Burgas.
The neighborhood is well laid out, quiet and peaceful, with excellent infrastructure. Close to schools, kindergartens, shops, restaurants,
stops of the fast bus line and is just a few minutes from the city centre

We also need to think carefully about what housing would be best for us. Should we opt for a property that is "capped", "turnkey" or fully furnished?

Another important issue to address is the construction phase. Can we afford to buy a greenfield home and wait for the building to be completed or would it be better for us to choose a property in an already built building with Act 16?


Block "Perla 8" already has Act 16 
Learn more about the
advantages of the complex Perla and request an appointment with one of our consultants
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When choosing a new family home, the type of property is another important consideration. We usually consider between two options - whether to opt for a two-bedroom apartment or to choose a multi-bedroom apartment!

Let's do a comparison between the two property types. This will give us a clarified idea of what the advantages and disadvantages of each are and reveal the most suitable option, depending on the circumstances, capabilities and desires of each of us.


Three bedroom homes are much more enticing in terms of family budget.
Their price is guaranteed to be better and more affordable. And if we need to sell or rent it, the likelihood of finding a buyer (or tenant) faster is significantly higher.

Given the smaller square footage, maintenance of the property is easier, smaller and less expensive. Furnishings and renovations are more financially beneficial and monthly costs are lower.


See the last available two-bedroom apartments in the gated complex "Perla", block 8,
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We would all agree that, generally speaking, a three-bedroom apartment is the cheaper option for a family home.
Many families would consider the purchase of a two bedroom property for a new home to be quite sufficient. Not everyone can, and not everyone wants to allocate a bigger budget for a bigger property.

However, buying a home is a serious investment. It's often worth investing a little more in our future home. The benefits, it sometimes turns out, outweigh the costs.

Why choose a multi-room dwelling for your new family home?


 yes A larger area is always to your advantage.

At this stage, the smaller space may be enough for you, but in case your family grows you will certainly benefit from having more space. You will have a room that you can immediately designate as a nursery and a spacious enough wardrobe in which to arrange the clothes and accessories of the new little family member.

Moreover, in times of pandemic, when most of our time is spent confined to our homes, we need to ensure enough space, more privacy, and more freedom and comfort.

And if you work from home, or plan to start doing so if your children study remotely - the larger space and greater number of rooms will allow you to have your own office where you can work undisturbed,. . or to rest.

People who like to invite guests often, also choose more spacious and larger homes - so that guests and hosts feel comfortable and convenient at family and friend gatherings. And to always be ready to accommodate close friends or relatives in a cosy, neatly arranged guest bedroom.


So, if you need both a nursery and a guest room and a study, you certainly need a multi-room dwelling.
Take a look at the available 3 or 4 bedroom multi-family homes in the gated complex Perla and choose your new family home.

yes The location

Multi-room dwellings are usually positioned on the higher floors. And while until recently this was a disadvantage, today more and more people are looking for a top floor.

Thanks to modern construction and better quality materials, factors such as "roof leaks" are less and less of a problem, making top floor apartments increasingly attractive.

And when these problems are solved, it turns out that high floors actually have a lot more advantages than lower ones:

o The air on the upper floors is cleaner and noise is virtually minimized.
o And if the floor is the last, a bonus is the lack of neighbors above you who might otherwise disturb your peace.

o The unique advantage of the multi-room dwellings is the spacious terrace, which you can turn into a favorite paradise - your own outdoor garden with specially selected vegetation and barbecue area. Your wonderful place for rest and relaxation.
o We've saved the best for last - the captivating panoramic sea views you'll enjoy from your own home!


Have you already imagined your new and spacious home overlooking the vast expanse of the sea and with its own landscaped terrace with barbecue area? A separate room for each family member, a spacious walk-in closet and a private study? Come to gated complex "Perla" and choose your new favorite family home. Request your free viewing tour by calling +359 800 20 888 or by clicking the button below

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