What do the different stages of construction - Act 14, Act 15 and Act 16 –means?

Are you looking for a new home? Оr you have already found it and consider  buying it? In this case, you will inevitably come across the construction terms like Act 14, Act 15 and Act 16, with which you will may be unfamiliar with.

In this article, we have looked at some of the most important construction acts, that marks down the different stages of the construction process and certify that one building is suitable for occupancy.

Act 14, 15 and 16 are the building acts that marks down the milestones a building goes through before new owners can occupy. 

The acts must be issued consecutively, each successive act is based on the preceding one and indicating the completion of the different types of construction stage - according to the law’s ordinances.


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Act 14 – “Acceptance of the construction works"

Act 14 – “Acceptance of the Construction" is the first mechanism which controls construction activities. It describes whether the constructive elements of the structure have been executed in accordance with the approved designs, whether any defects or deficiencies have been found. In case everything is completed, Act 14 is issued, which means that the building has reached the stage of the so called. "rough construction". It certifies the right of ownership over the separate units in the building., i. e. the finishing works can be carried out on the supporting structure.

When Act 14 is issued, the notarial transfer of ownership of the property to the buyer can be proceeded.

The purchase of a property "on rough construction" is a much more advantageous financial option, and the choice of different floors, square footage, layout and exposure is relatively bigger. Such an investment, however, also poses some risks related to the uncertainty surrounding the deadlines for obtaining Act 15 and Act 16, as well as the possibility that the building may not be completed at all, or the property may be unfit for its intended use.


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Act 15 - "Act establishing the suitability for acceptance of the construction"

Act 15 is the second of the milestones that controls construction works.

Act 15 is a "declaratory act to establish the suitability for acceptance of the construction" and confirms that the building is complete. At this stage, the construction works have been completed, but the building has not yet been granted a certificate of occupancy.

The object is fit to be put into operation only after the issuance of Act 16, which establishes the suitability for use of the construction. Although they cannot be occupied, Act 15 dwellings are subject to purchase and transfer by deed.

The advantages of buying a property at this stage are again related to the relatively lower price and the greater variety of homes.


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Act 16 - "Certificate of Commissioning"

Act 16 - "Certificate of commissioning" is the last of the three stages of control during construction, which certifies that the building is fit for use, respectively - for living.

The law regulates three separate documents at the completion of construction - protocol no. 16, building permit and certificate of commissioning. For the constructions of the first to the third category the compilation of the protocol no. 16 and on the basis of it a permit for the use of the building. For the fourth and fifth category of construction, which includes most residential and mixed buildings and also villas, a certificate of commissioning is required.

At the Act 16 stage the construction and installation works have been completed, individual lots for plumbing, heating, etc. have been opened.
If Act 16 has already been issued, the buyers can proceed to notarization.

Buying a home just before or after Act 16 is a bit more expensive, but also the safest option when choosing a property.

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