Swimming pool in front of the house? OH, YES!

The pleasure of the pool was enjoyed by the ancients

    Spa treatments for healing and relaxation and swimming pools are not a discovery of modern man. Even the ancient Greeks, and then the Romans, were skilled designers of impressive complexes with rooms for spa treatments, healing and relaxation. The baths of the Roman bath type were called "thermae". They offered many ways of rest, physical and mental recovery. The facilities had large pools with hot and cool water, separate baths for aromatherapy, massage rooms, extensive parks and gardens with flowers.


                                                                                                                                                                       Photo: Internet

    Modern man has not abandoned these pleasant pastimes, even expanding the intended use of facilities of this type - swimming pools.

The pools are different

    According to their function they are divided into sports, recreational and spa. This in turn defines their entire architecture, technology and equipment, following strictly defined standards.

   According to their shape, they can be rectangular, round, oval, free form , which can include parts of different geometric elements.

   According to their construction, the pools are prefabricated, monolithic or made of concrete.

   Did you know that 70% of people prefer water rides along with green parks for leisure. These are followed by visits to historical attractions, restaurants and museums.

   Undoubtedly, amusement water parks, water slides and swimming pools are very popular and visited places during the summer. Waterparks came of age in the 1950s and have not stopped their improvement, offering more and more attractive water fun and more sophisticated designs for the ultimate experience.

   Swimming pools rank in a special place for people who prefer a more relaxing and peaceful rest during the day. This is the reason why all the complexes that the investment company "Artstroy 1 Investment" designs and builds have their own swimming pools within meters from the front door of the owners. Water facilities, surrounded by rest areas with sun loungers and umbrellas, amidst well-kept c greenery olourful, is an important condition for the realization of our projects.


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Care and cleanliness

   In order to use the pools without health concerns, the care for periodic cleaning and decontamination is entrusted to the professional services of the company "Artstroy Facilities". The company specializes in the maintenance and management of apartment buildings, which gives us confidence that the owners of the complex will be satisfied and protected.
  The pools that the Artstroy 1 Investment company builds are of reinforced concrete construction. This is the long lasting and most massive option for a swimming pool. The advantage is the strength of the construction and its durability. It is the sturdiest of all types of pool structures. This type of pools allows unlimited choice of color, shape and size, lining.

Swimming pool in front of the house?

    Having a large pool on our own property gives us the advantage of experiencing the pleasure of swimming and sunbathing so close to home. This is becoming a favorite place for fun for the whole family and an opportunity for parties with friends. 

                                                                                                                                                   Photo: Internet

Our pools offer more

The swimming pool of Diamond Beach complex has a sea view

The outdoor swimming pool has an area of 280 cubic meters, of which the children's pool is 64 square meters. and jacuzzi 18,50 sq. м.

: Diamond Beach

*All apartments in Damon Deitch complex are sold out

    The swimming pool at the complex is of a fragile irregular shape, with a Jacuzzi and a children's pool. It is tiled with glass ceramic tiles and has an overflow. The mosaic reflects the light and creates the illusion of water shimmering under the sun's rays. Set amidst lush gardens of fragrant roses and sea views, this place becomes a feast for the senses. The pleasant feeling of plunging into the pool becomes a real experience because of all the atmosphere around.


Photo: Diamond Beach

Majestic Sea Village's pool has an infinity effect 

The total area of the pool with the green islands and overflows will be 823 sqm. m. The pool composition is 53 m long and 18 m wide. The area around the lounging pool will be 649 sq. m


Photo: Majestic Sea Village

*Learn more about the beautiful beachfront holiday village - Majestic Sea Village
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    In the Majestic Sea Village complex is built an infinity pool with a unique view of the entire bay, naturally formed between Pomorie and Burgas. 

    The swimming pool is on different levels, designed in the southwest part of the property, on the sea front. It is a common composition of a children's pool, two jacuzzis and two large pools on two different levels. Where the higher one will overflow into the lower with an "infinity" effect. The pools are designed to visually blend into the horizon. Part of the composition of pools will be landscaped with islands.
    The advantage of the pool in this complex will be the unique feeling of beauty, harmony and freedom. The pool has an invisible edge, built in a picturesque location with a direct view of the sea and this creates the illusion of infinity.

The swimming pool of the complex "Pearl" is an oasis in the city

Pool area 200 sq. m and volume - 250 cubic meters

 Photo: Complex Perla

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   Complex "Perla" in Zornitsa quarter, city of Burgas is a real urban oasis. In the heart of the complex "Perla" there is a swimming pool and around it sun loungers and umbrellas for free use by all owners of the complex. There are well-kept flower gardens, paths and a playground. 


Photo: Complex Perla

  Agree with us that the feeling of immerse into the cool water of a pool during the hot summer days is more than pleasant. And it's even more wonderful when that experience is just a few steps away from your home.


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Complex "Perla" -
Evergreen oasis in the city of Burgas

Diamond Beach Complex -
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Majestic Sea Village, Pomorie -
The complex that makes dreams come true



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