Provided that you are about to buy a home for the first time, you are sure to face a lot of questions that you will be looking for answers to from various sources - websites of construction and investment companies, real estate platforms, consultants and brokers, recommendations and guidance from friends and family who have gone through the stages of buying real estate.

  "Artstroy 1 Investment” has over 19 years of experience in selling properties that it owns and after such a long period of working in the industry with clients, we are very familiar with the issues, concerns, and even mistakes that prospective real estate buyers are likely to make.

  If you have decided to buy a new home and this is new to you, in order to protect you from a possible unforeseen omission that could disadvantage you, we have prepared for your benefit 6 of the most common mistakes people can make when buying a property.

Грешка при закупуване на имот

    A particularly valuable asset of a property is the location. This is most true when buying a home for investment purposes. The inconvenient environment and difficult access to the property can become a big problem for the owners, hindering the normal course of daily life and making it difficult to perform basic tasks. At a time when everyone's daily life is so dynamic and filled with commitments around career and family, the convenient location of our home is of utmost importance. On the other hand, if it is important to you that your future home provides peace and privacy, again location is key. If you love the sea - choose a beachfront property with beach access to enjoy whenever you want. If you are a fan of the mountain, buy a home or a house where you can admire it. The interior design of the rooms, the internal layout of the rooms and the conditions in your house or apartment can be improved, but not the location!

Грешка при закупуване на имот

  At a time of such a satisfactory assortment and competition in terms of property types, squares and options in the choice of building types - gated communities, detached apartment buildings, houses, etc. with a wide range of prices, according to the different possibilities of buyers and the many offers for mortgage loans of all banks, there are still people who, in such a market and opportunities, are thinking of investing in a panel building. 

  In order to take such a decision, you have to have a very serious reason for doing so, but whatever it is, this alternative, we can by no means define as a good solution. The panel construction of over 30 years ago not only cannot be compared in quality with the new one, but also poses a serious problem for future renovation, as it is significantly depreciated and some buildings have even passed their service life. The implementation of the refurbishment programme to some extent extends the life of the panel blocks, but it remains just a  renovation.

  When buying real estate with the expectation of making a capital gain, and if it is an investment, the return   is seriously threatened if you buy an apartment in a panel block or a building with low quality construction and poorly maintained common areas.

  Unfortunately, not all new construction is quality, so we advise you to research the builder, their history, experience, completed projects and request information about the materials that went into the construction of the building. 

  "Artstroy 1 Investment" gives you an example of its own project - building "Perla 8", which uses new generation of construction building materials with quality certificates from world leading manufacturers. In this way, the service life of the facilities is extended in the long term and future maintenance costs are kept as low as possible.

 Whether the property is purchased for living, investment or with the possibility of both, a very good analysis and consideration is necessary, as it often happens that the cheap can come out expensive.

 "I'm not rich enough to buy cheap things."
Marko Polo 

Грешка при закупуване на имот

  Additional nearby facilities for children or sports, amenities, relaxation areas, access to nature, parks or maintained landscaping has a direct impact on the price of the property, but it also encourages and ensures a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

  Residential buildings "sprouting" from among other residential buildings, with views to the opposite balcony, "rob" the personal space that can make us feel uncomfortable in our own home. In fact, there are people who do not turn on their own terrace lights so that the neighbour across the building does not see them, or keep their blinds down all the time.

  Rest assured that the place you choose for your own will bring you the necessary peace, security and comfort.

"My home is my fortress"

Грешки при закупуване на имот

  We agree that buying a home is a very, very important purchase in our lives. But in their quest to get their dream home quickly, some buyers ignore their own requirements and make rash and ill-considered decisions. We advise you not to rush, but to wait for the emotions and the great euphoria around the purchase to subside, to soberly evaluate the chosen home according to the criteria you have set. Think about it and decide in the future how you will feel in this home, do all family members approve of it, what are its cons and pros?

  A man is only as big as his dreams! Dream and realize, don't settle for less.

“A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body.”
 Benjamin Franklin

Грешка при закупуване на имот

  Ask the right questions and judge the credibility of the answers, research well! Be confident in choosing exactly who you buy your home from and who you trust. Consider whether there is an opportunity to approach direct investors who have a team of in-house consultants who are very knowledgeable about the sites they offer and without commission. Read the contract you are signing carefully, we advise you to have it reviewed by an attorney who can also make adjustments to the contract that protect your interests.

 Защо обучихме консултанти по продажба?

Learn More in our Blog - Why did we train sales consultants?

* "Artstroy 1 Investment" company has a sales department composed of qualified consultants, who are at the disposal of those who have interested in buying a property and they are ready to assist at every step - from the consultation and on-site viewing tour to the transaction.

Грешка при закупуване на имот

  They say there is no way property prices won't start falling and you should wait to buy a property. That may be true, but they may rise and you may have to wait until the next economic crisis for prices to fall. The population of larger cities is increasing. New companies and representative offices open, new opportunities open up, foreigners choose Bulgaria as their home. Rising demand is driving up property prices. On the other hand, the most attractive apartments in a building - with a view, the right floor, exposure, etc. , are definitely the first to be bought, and again you will face the possibility of making one of the fatal mistakes mentioned above. Once you've made a final decision to get a home do your research, see the potential of your future home and take the step towards your new life! Always the best time to buy a property is 5 years ago, so now, is the best time.


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