The gated complex "Perla" is located in the residential complex Zornitsa, Burgas city. The location of the complex is strategic - close to the main road arteries of the city, yet at the same time it is situated within the interior of the Zornitsa residential area, just a 5-minute walk from the Sea Garden of Burgas city. The complex is designed to provide views of the sea and Burgas Bay to the east and southeast, and with views of "Lake Atanasovsko" to the northeast.

The construction of the complex is carried out in several stages. The first stage of construction includes blocks one to four and was completed with a permit for use in 2010. In addition to the construction of the first four blocks, this stage also includes the construction of a private outdoor pool with an area of ​​200 sq.m, volume of 250 cubic meters, and a children's playground.

The second and third stages include the construction of
blocks "Perla 5-7". The fourth stage is the aesthetic and functional completion of the "Perla" complex, block 8.


  • The external and internal walls of the building are made of brick.
  • Thermal insulation according to the specifications of the thermal assessment.
  • Roof - steel-concrete structure. The waterproofing is modern; two-layer bituminous applied by gas flame. Bituminous tiles.
  • Staircases - natural stone flooring.
  • External corridors between apartments - granite tiles.
  • Entrance doors - the newest and most modern - armored.
  • Underground garage - automatic doors, automatic fire extinguishing system.

Materials used for the construction of the blocks and the complex:
  • Structure - steel-concrete, beamless. With load-bearing columns, beams, and slabs of steel-concrete.
  • Walls - brick walls made of bricks - external 25 cm, internal partition walls - 25 cm and 12 cm.
  • Exterior:

- Thermal insulation system;

- Mineral plaster;

- Cladding of the ground floor and staircases - natural stone - marble;

- Balconies - granite tile flooring;

- Parapets - a combination of solid parts and decorative balusters or solid parts and wrought iron.

  • Interior:

- Cement adhesives for tiles, ceramics, terracotta, and natural stone;

- Gypsum machine plaster for rooms and dry areas;

- Cement machine plaster for staircases, external corridors, and wet areas in the apartments (bathrooms, WC, wet areas);

- Staircases - natural stone flooring - granite;

- External corridors - between the apartments - granite tile flooring;

- Entrance doors - armored - newest and most modern;

- Underground garages: Automatic doors, Automatic fire extinguishing system;

- Roof: Steel-concrete structure. Waterproofing - modern bituminous, 2 layers applied by gas flame. Bituminous tiles.

Infrastructure of the complex:
  • Access - controlled - with security and video surveillance. Automatic doors for the underground garage.
  • Fence - constructed ornamental fence with a steel-concrete base and metal ornamental panels made of wrought iron. The steel-concrete base is finished with stamped concrete.
  • Alleys and courtyard space - covered with stamped concrete flooring.
  • Sidewalks - sidewalk tiles and curbstones, and pavements made of concrete pavers.


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