From the very first glance, the Majestic Sea Village complex impresses with its elegant and sophisticated silhouette and unique architectural design that recreates the romantic atmosphere of historic seaside towns.

Majestic Sea Village offers a choice of 10 different types of two-storey houses, each with a picturesque patio and a cosy veranda on which to place your garden furniture and barbecue area.

And for added comfort, there is also a private parking space for your personal vehicle next to each property.

In order to offer the best possible choice to our customers and to satisfy their different requirements, the houses in the complex have different square sizes - from 88,16 sq.m. to 152,32 sq.m. and different area of the plot adjacent to the house.




Nestled steps from the beach, the Majestic Sea Village complex captures the hearts of everyone! The location of the complex is specially chosen to provide the necessary privacy, security, comfort, tranquility and coziness. The incredible sea view brings a unique feeling of balance, harmony and relaxation. Beautifully maintained park spaces and specially selected evergreen vegetation enhance the closeness to nature and provide a very refreshing and pleasant environment for living, working and relaxing.



Majestic Sea Village complex has built its own richly landscaped infrastructure to provide homeowners with all the necessary amenities for a normal and peaceful life.

• To ensure the safety and peace of mind of all residents, access to the complex is controlled and 24/7 video surveillance is provided.

• To enjoy a real holiday you can relax in the outdoor infinity pool in front of the complex and enjoy the unique sea view in front of you. 

• АIf you prefer to relax in salt water - the beach and the sea are just a few steps from your home.



The location of Majestic Sea Village complex was not chosen by chance! Located in the quiet, peaceful and cozy area of Lahana, the complex is far enough away from the noise and crowd of the big city. To make sure that you can indulge undisturbed the well-deserved rest in your own house.

At the same time, Lahana is just a few minutes away from one of the largest Black Sea towns - it is located between the town of Burgas and the town of Pomorie. And just a few kilometers from some of the oldest Bulgarian towns and some of the most attractive destinations on the Southern Black Sea coast - the towns of Sozopol and Nessebar. To be close enough to the amenities the city has to offer and make sure you won't be missing anything!

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Less than 18 km away of the Majestic Sea Village complex is "The Best City to Live in  Bulgaria" for 2010 - city of Burgas. It is the second largest city in Bulgaria (after Sofia) and the fourth most populous in the country.

In recent years Burgas has established itself as an important industrial, commercial, transport, cultural and tourist centre.

The city has its own International Airport, Maritime Station, Railway Station and two bus stations. A highway connects the town with the capital Sofia. And there are good road connections between Burgas and the other Bulgarian Black Sea towns.

The infrastructure of Burgas is very well developed - public transport is one of the most modern in Bulgaria, taxis are affordable and if you like cycling - the city offers ideal conditions. 

Burgas deserves the nickname "Bicycle City of Bulgaria". It was the first in the country to have a public bike rental system (rent-a-bike), and the more than 24 km of bike lanes that have been built and are constantly growing make the city a popular and convenient place for cyclists.

The bicycle routes connect all points of the city of Burgas, including the most remote districts. By bicycle, along a coastal pedestrian and bicycle path, from which a spectacular sea panorama is revealed, you can get from the beautiful Sea Garden in the city - all the way to the fishing port of the quarter Sarafovo.

Remarkably, and one of the must-see places to go, whether you're on a bike or not, is the beautiful Sea Garden. It is a favourite place not only of Burgas residents, but also of all visitors to the city. It will enchant you with its beautiful, immense view of the sea, with countless exotic species of plants collected from all corners of the world and with its colorful, gently singing fountains.

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An emotion with a romantic breath of the sea, a fresh caress from the light sea breeze and a fairy-tale beauty - the Sea Garden awakens hope that we will return here again...

Beautiful Burgas is also famous for its nature reserves and protected areas. Also known as  "Thе City of Birds and Lakes" - everywhere you look, it is surrounded by water.


East of the city of Burgas our eyes sink into the majestic colors of the Black Sea. And our fingers are entwined in a warm embrace with the fine and delicate sand covering one of the longest stretches of beach - that of Burgas Bay.

To the west of Burgas is the largest complex of seaside lakes in Bulgaria, formed by the three impressive water basins - Atanasovsko, Mandrensko and Burgassko Lake.

One of the largest migratory bird routes - Via Pontica - passes over the Burgas lakes.

During the autumn migration, more than 30 000 pink pelicans, up to 60 000 birds of prey and up to 240 000 storks, numerous flocks of black storks, Dalmatian pelicans, cranes and hundreds of other bird species, many of them protected, fly over Lake Atanasovsko.


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During the migrations, herons, great cormorants, grebes and others nest in the Burgasko lake. Geese, ducks, pelicans and swans use it for wintering and resting. Over 254 birds can be found here, many of them rare for Bulgaria, others - for the world.

More than 250 bird species have been identified at Mandra Lake so far. Some of them are Lesser Cormorant, Dalmatian Pelican, Red-breasted Goose, Thorn-billed Grebe, Meadow Pipit.

The way of the birds does not end here. Every spring and autumn, huge flocks of white and black storks, common buzzards, ospreys, lesser spotted eagles pass over St. Anastasia Island.

And thirsty for more romance, love and bird flight, we leave the bike aside for a while and board a small boat to immerse ourselves in the beauty and atmosphere of the past - to the island of St. Anastasia.


To see fields of Mediterranean yellow-legged gull, rock pigeon, heron, white angelfish and great cormorant.

We will also visit the small Monastery Church "Assumption of the Virgin Mary", with its remarkable frescoes preserved from the 10th to 11th century, as well as the 12th to 14th centuries. In the church, we will light a candle and say a prayer for health and prosperity.



And at the end of the walk, the authentic cuisine of the island restaurant and atmosphere will carry us into the traditions of the region from the past to today. The seafood specialties, the dishes prepared according to old Burgas and monastery recipes and the unique atmosphere will add another special ingredient - a piece of paradisе...

If you love nature and exotic adventures, you will want to visit the Burgas salt pans at least once. Known for its healing mud and meadows, they are one of the most popular places in Burgas, attracting people from all over the world.


The healing mud of the Burgas salt pans is characterized by its specific smell and dark gray to black color. The ingredients are entirely organic, obtained from the decomposition of single-celled organisms, algae, fish, crabs, and mussels. It has a beneficial effect on the entire peripheral nervous system. In addition to its healing properties, the mud also has cosmetic and rejuvenating effects.

And after we have enjoyed the therapeutic mud, we can continue towards the clean, mineral-rich black sand that forms the beach strip. Let's immerse ourselves in the salty waters of the Black Sea and wash away our fatigue and worries.

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However, our exciting salty adventure does not end here. We only have to take a few steps to reach the Black Sea meadow.

The Black Sea meadow is formed after the evaporation of salts in the lakes. It also has a completely organic composition and numerous therapeutic properties - similar to those of the Dead Sea. Some people even claim that the Burgas meadow is much more beneficial, and the feeling is more pleasant.


Access to the meadow and therapeutic mud is free and easy. The place is well developed, and you can use a car or a bicycle to get there. Additionally, an electric train runs along the coastal alley every 15 minutes.


Photo: проф. П. Тодоров

Majestic Sea Village complex is nestled close to one of the most beautiful seaside towns and many attractions. Located a few kilometers away from the complex is the unique and attractive resort and healing center of Pomorie. The largest mud-curing center in the Balkans is located in the town.

Photo: проф. П. Тодоров

Because of its high mineral content, the black mud of Pomorie is known for its healing properties - it has antiseptic and pain-relieving effects. It has a beneficial effect on various diseases and strengthens the immune system.

In addition to the beneficial and pleasant mud treatment, in the city you can enjoy many beautiful walks. Near the port is located the oldest Black Sea lighthouse.

It is erected on a round stone tower with a height of 5.3 meters, and on top of it, a two-meter cylindrical concrete base is placed with an electric optic AM-300.

Another interesting place that distinguishes the city is the Ancient Domed Tomb. It is located west of the city of Pomorie, near the Pomorie-Burgas road. The tomb dates back to the 2nd-3rd century BC. It is believed that it served as a heroon (mausoleum) for a wealthy Anhialo family, where religious pagan rituals were performed.

Photo: Община Поморие

The Ancient Dome Tomb is unique on the Balkan Peninsula. Its architecture and construction continue to impress with its perfect execution. Many architects from around the world study the tomb to unravel the mystery of its dome. It has been declared an architectural and construction monument in issue 35 of the State Gazette from 1965.

Enjoying the beautiful seaside town, in Pomorie you will also find the sacred lake, which the Thracians once called the Pomorie Lake. It is a hypersaline lagoon of natural origin and is the northernmost of the group of Burgas lakes.

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Exactly over Pomorie Lake passes the second largest bird migration route in Europe - Via Pontica. This explains the great diversity of birds - a total of 269 species (nesting, wintering, migratory).

In close proximity to the lake is the Salt Museum. It is the only one of its kind in Eastern Europe that produces salt by solar evaporation of seawater. It has been open since 2002 and is located on the shore of Pomorie Lake.

Photo: проф. П. Тодоров

The salt pans existed even before the founding of the city in the 5th century BC. At that time, the ancient settlement of Anchialo (Pomorie) created the technology for salt production, and 25 centuries later, it is still used in an authentic form by the masters - the salt-makers. Today, every museum visitor can touch the intricacies of the craft and participate in salt production themselves.

Just like in other coastal towns, Christianity appeared early in Pomorie. In the center of the city, between the old and new parts, you can find the Pomorie Monastery of “St. George the Victorious”. Inside, you can see valuable icons from the mid-19th century, such as the icons of "St. Mary", "St. George", "St. Mina" and "St. Nicholas".

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The Pomorie Monastery is famous for its healing water as well as its wonderful aromatic wine. In fact, some of the oldest wineries on the Balkan Peninsula are located in Pomorie.

The most prominent winery in the area is the winery "Chernomorsko zlato" (Black Sea gold). The history of Chernomorsko zlato winery begins in 1924 when enterprising Bulgarians in Pomorie established the first grape-growing and winemaking cooperative "Dimyat," and the centuries-old experience in winemaking gave confidence to the winemakers in Pomorie to build the first modern winery in the city in 1932. In the 1950s, Chernomorsko zlato acquired the appearance of a modern factory, whose production was highly valued. Twenty years later, the Pomorie winery had a new reason for pride - a special building with 12,000 oak barrels for aging grape brandy was created.


In 1994, the winery imported 8 original copper stills from the Cognac region in France, with which "Zlatoto" (the gold) of Pomorie began to create the highest quality rakias an brandies in Southeast Europe. The winery, which was founded in 1932, now serves as the heart of a unique hotel complex for modern wine tourism, featuring a beautiful restaurant, tasting room, and museum, known to wine connoisseurs as "Via Pontica."


After it, we can also mention the winery "Boyar". In 1922, one of the prominent families in the industry - Boychevi, created vineyards and opened a small winery, nationalized in 1952. In 1998, brothers Simeon and Dimitar Boychevi, together with Argir Hristoforov, restored the family tradition by creating 350 hectares of vineyards and building the "Boyar" winery.


The modern grape processing facilities, classic underground cellar with barrels made of French and Californian oak, fully automated bottling line, distillation department - all these are features of the new look of the "Boyar" winery. The image of "Boyar" is complemented by a rich range of products - high-quality white and red wines, brandies, liqueurs, and rakias.


Another notable winery in the region is the Tohun Winery. Tohun is a modern winery of a classical type with underground and above-ground grape processing facilities, with a capacity of 600 tons per year. It vinifies (processes) 100% of its own grapes.


The winery has state-of-the-art German and Italian equipment, which guarantees the production of small batches of high-quality wines.

The winery offers wine under the brand name Soroko, produced from grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Rose from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

"Tohun" winery has a tasting room and offers the opportunity for wine tourism with various tours and tastings included. Visitors have the unique chance to follow all stages of wine production in the winery and can also purchase traditional and well-established wines on the market.

Majestic Sea Village is a magical place with a unique location. Its location provides the safety, peace, and comfort that we all crave, right on the seafront! At the same time, it offers the luxury of being close to large, well-developed, yet calm and friendly cities. Majestic Sea Village is a place that you will fall in love with! In Majestic Sea Village, your new favorite home awaits you!

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