Christmas is among the most favorite holidays for both young and old. It brings us together with the closest people, invites into our houses - the family comfort, the warmth of home, the gifts and the excitement in children's eyes. . And we want it to last longer.

This year we challenge you to spend Christmas a bit differently. We give you 5 ideas for 5 days to bring the Christmas spirit at home and make Christmas even enjoyable and more exciting. With 5 fun activities for the whole family.

We start with the date 19th! Join us!

Christmas game

Organize a family evening with Christmas games. You can even use the games as an assistant to prepare for the festive dinner.

Our proposal is for a game similar to  "cities and countries" (name, place, animal, thing), the rules are the same, but the reason is Christmas. In the individual columns you can include "Christmas dishes", "Christmas songs", "Christmas movies", "Christmas decorations" and whatever else Christmas comes to mind. The answers can then be used to create a Christmas playlist, as well as to shape the Christmas menu, also to choose the movies you would like to watch with your family again.

Most importantly, you will spend quality time with your loved ones, playing games and having fun.

Go ice skating

Skating might not be the first thing you think of when you hear Christmas. But the atmosphere that create is really captivating. The lights of the city, the warm clothes, the snow slide. . . leads to a magical world that makes us love and wish winter would last a little longer.

Even if you've never been ice skating, we promise you a good time. Especially when shared with loved ones. Don't leave this winter tale just for the little ones. Have fun with them!

New Recipe

There's hardly a better time of year than Christmas to make cookies. The aroma of freshly baked pastries... and the preparation itself, create an fascinating feeling and raise the Christmas spirit.

This year, try something new, look for an interesting idea for Christmas cookies, and turn cooking into a family game. Have a competition to see who can make the most delicious Christmas dessert or who can make the most beautiful decoration.


Christmas photosession

And no, we're not talking about a professional photo shoot in a studio. Make it yourself at home - use the decorations for decor, wear Christmas sweaters, hats and antlers (we have those too). Use any Christmas elements that will fit into your family photo shoot. You can even experiment and make different decors.

And don't forget, pull out your favorite photos and frame them next year. You can even create a family tradition - make a Christmas album and add new photos every Christmas. You will capture the memory and enjoy a nice time shared with family! Can you imagine how sweet it will be when you look at the album in 10+ years...


Hot Chocolate

The smell of hot chocolate is inevitably one of the things that reminds of Christmas. And the taste .. if Christmas had a taste, it would be a hot chocolate.

The night before Christmas Eve, serve your loved ones a cup of hot chocolate, and snuggle up in the arms of warm blankets. You can even turn off the lights, leaving only the Christmas lights to create the atmosphere. Light a scented candle and indulge in the spirit of Christmas.

Talk to your loved ones. Make up your own fairy tale - what task would each of you have if you were Christmas characters - an elf or a reindeer would be each of you, or maybe even Santa Claus himself..?! Unleash your imagination and share the holiday with loved ones.


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