Затворен комплекс Diamond Beach

Maintenance fee for Gated community Diamond Beach

The complex is on the first line to the Sea and offers to its owners an amazing sea view. Furthermore, the complex has its own infrastructure combined with the comfort of living in the city with the tranquillity and cosiness typical for the small coastal neighbourhoods and cities.

To take care of your comfort and keep the beautiful appearance of the jewel of Artstroy 1 Investment - Diamond Beach, every owner of an apartment must pay a maintenance fee. The maintenance and management fee are fixed in the maintenance contract, which is signed on the day of the actual closing deal in front of a notary person.

The maintenance fee for Gated community Diamond Beach is 9€ per year (or 0.75€ per month), multiplied by the total area of the purchased property.

Example: How to calculate maintenance fee:

Example 1: If the property you purchased is with area of 34.68 sq.m, the annual fee you will pay is 34.68 * 9 = €312.12 or €26 per month with VAT.

Example 2: If the property you purchased is with area of 63.44 sq.m, the annual fee you will pay is 63.44 * 9 = €570.96 or €47.58 per month with VAT.


The maintaining fee includes: 
•    a year-round upkeep and maintenance of the green areas;
•    cleaning of the Complex’s common areas, 
•    cleaning and maintenance of the swimming pool, 
•    upkeep and maintenance of the children's playground;
•    maintenance of the recreation areas and the pedestrian alleys;
•    cleaning the spaces between the buildings and the parking. 

The fee also includes - 24/7 live-guard and video surveillance, so you can feel more secure in your own property.

Management and maintenance in Gated community Diamond Beach include:
•    the common parts of the buildings;
•    swimming pool;
•    parking;
•    children's playground;
•    green areas;
•    pedestrian alleys;
•    areas of the property between blocks of the complex;

Everything, included in the amount you will have to pay for maintenance, will be written in details in the Contract, which will be signed with Artstroy Facility - the company in charge of the property and facility management in Gated community Diamond Beach.

Investment Company Artstroy 1 Investment has a qualified team of sales consultants who will advise you, and assist you in every step of the real estate buying process - from the inquiry, to the view tour, and of course in the last step – completing the deal! And in none of these steps, you owe the a commission! 

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