Location: The Complex Majestic Sea Village is located in Lahana area, Pomorie, direction Burgas. Its amazing location combines the advantages of proximity to the big city with the tranquility of a complex on the suburbs of Pomorie.
Area of Majestic Sea Village: 25 742 sq. m. It is in the south regulation extension of the town of Pomorie.


Buy a fully furnished house in Majestic Sea Village 

  If you decide to buy a house from Artstroy 1 Investment we can offer you different furnishing designs from which you can choose as the one in the picture above. 

Construction of single-family townhouses:

• The construction of the building - solid, monolithic, reinforced concrete, with supporting columns, washers, reinforced concrete slabs.
• Masonry - exterior walls / brick four - 25 cm /; Internal - partition walls / brick-fours and single units;
• Facade - thermo insulated, moist insulated, on the ground floor - lined with natural stone (travertine)
• Roof - reinforced concrete, steam, heat-insulated and hydro-insulated 

Advantages of Majestic Sea Village:

• Professional management and service 24-hour, 7 days per week video surveillance and access control;
• Secluded beach;

• Rich greenery with specially selected species for year-round decorative effect;
• Children's playground and places for relaxation and relaxation;

A beautiful outdoor infinity pool - it will take your eyes to the inspirational sea view and Burgas Bay;




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