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Квартира-33-вход 2-в комплексе закрытого типа Бургас

Блок №
Количество спален
Количество ванных комнат
Вид на
Степень завершенности
Акт 15
Общая площадь
85.90 m2

Investment Company "Artstroy 1 Investment" has a qualified team of sales consultants who will advise you, and assist you in every step of the real estate buying process - from the inquiry, to the view tour, and of course in the last step – completing the deal! And in none of these steps, you owe the a commission! For more information, click to read in on our Blog here!

Apartment 33

Apartment 33 is located on the ninth floor in the new apartments block 8, in Gated Complex Perla. Perla is in quarter Zornitsa, Burgas, Bulgaria - only 5 minutes away from the Sea Garden. Also, next to the main transport hubs and the city centre, but in the quiet part of the Zornitsa, so our owners can have a pleasant and quiet rest in their own apartment.

3D design of an apartment in gated community Perla, block 8, city Burgas

Information about the apartment: 

The total area is 85.90 square meters. 

Type of property: 2-bedrooms apartment 

The property is located on the 9th floor. Block 8 has a ground floor and an underground two-storey parking where you can buy a parking space.   

The exposure of apartment is to the west and consists of entrance hall, living room with kitchenette, two bedrooms, bathroom with a toilet, storage room and two terraces. 

About the first sod of the new block you can read on our Blog here!

Gated complex Perla has seven constructed and put into operation buildings with Act 16. The new apartments block 8 will be the aesthetic and functional finish from the southwest of Gated Residential Complex. With the construction of the two buildings that will represent the new apartments block, the complex will be fully completed. 

In Perla 8 are used materials of the highest quality and with very good characteristics to ensure the highest class of energy efficiency - class A!

In the Gated Complex there is a maintenance fee of 5 euro per year/ per square meter calculated on the total area of the property. The fee includes:

  • 24/7 security and video surveillance;
  • controlled access;
  • maintenance of the complex and its common parts, and the underground parking and swimming pools;
  • а year-round landscaping in the complex.

The fee is fixed in the contract, which is signed with “Artstroy Facilities” - Facility and Property Management Company, also part of “Artstroy Group”!


  • The new buildings, where the apartment will be, is going to be connected to "Toplofikacia Burgas" - the centralized heating system of Burgas. All the apartments will have individual built-in installation subscription stations next to the front door of the apartments. We will invest in building the installations, but our clients will decide whether to connect to the centralized heating system, or not. At client's request, the specific apartment can be provided with central hot water and/or heating installation.
  • The first apartments block with fully mounted seven chamber windows VEKA in Burgas; 
  • High quality armoured doors;
  • The apartments will be sold on a stage "without finishing". Upon customer's request, Artstroy 1 Investment can arrange the completion of the apartment to the stage "turnkey" against additional negotiated payment.
  • A complete interior design - take advantage of the design services of Boutique Interiors, a design studio part of the "Artstroy Group”.

3D design of a living room in gated community Perla, block 8, city Burgas   3D design of a living room in gated community Perla, block 8, city Burgas   3D design of a master bedroom in gated community Perla, block 8, city Burgas   3D design of a master bedroom in gated community Perla, block 8, city Burgas   3D design of a bedroom in gated community Perla, block 8, city Burgas   3D design of a bathroom in gated community Perla, block 8, city Burgas

The property has ideal rental conditions through the year. If you are looking for a property for investment, ask for our terms and conditions here.

Why to choose Perla 8 for your new home or investment property:

  • We use the highest quality of building materials, so the building responds to the highest energy class of energy efficiency - class A;
  • TPP (connection to the centralized heating system of the city) with individual metering and heat control - guaranteeing 30% lower energy consumption compared to other sources;
  • Highest quality in PVC joinery - brand VEKA with 7 chamber joinery;
  • High quality armored doors, marble and travertine on the facades of the buildings;
  • 2 outdoor pools;
  • Year-round landscaping;
  • Security - 24/7 video surveillance and live security;
  • From the upper floors of the apartments block, the owners will be able to watch - to the east a panoramic view of the Sea and the Bay of Burgas, and to the northeast from the apartments will be revealed the whole beauty of the bird paradise - Atanasovsko lake;
  • Just 5 minutes away from the beautiful sea garden of Burgas;
  • Wonderful opportunity to buy the property for investment - perfect conditions for giving for rental;

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