Такса поддръжка в затворен комплекс

Have you imagined the home of your dreams? Have you ever passed by proudly towering buildings that evoked all your longings for a cozy home? You've had the urge to peek behind the fence, just to… take a look?

Did you smell the freshly cut grass? Did you hear the splash of water in the eternal blue pool? Did you feel the calm and joy that spreads from cheerful laughter and carefree children's games? Did you see the serenity in the smiles of all the people who know why and where they invested their savings - there, in the home of their dreams! This is it - the home that will remind you every day of your best decision - the decision to come home happy! But, these may not just be dreams - this, can be your reality in the complexes of Artstroy 1 Investment.


For many developed countries, the maintenance fee, is far from being new. It is well known and accepted. Properties in complexes that offer additional amenities are in demand and are included in the maintenance fee. For Bulgaria, this practice is still uncommon and many people are suspicious when they find out they have to pay for the additional amenities. They accept this as their right. But to live in a place with year-round landscaping, surrounded by amenities that provide your comfort and security 24/7, greenery and cleanliness means that someone cares about these conditions and it comes at a price. Are we distrustful of having to pay to live in a better place and benefit from amenities, or we are fear of misuse of our finances, or we just misunderstanding?! 

In order to inform you and allay your fears, we have prepared this article and decided to explain what a maintenance fee is.

Такса поддръжка в затворен комплекс

The buildings in the gated complex are constructed under condominium ownership. When you live in a condominium building, the legislator has created a law that regulates the public relations to the management of the common parts of the buildings, as well as the rights and obligations of the owners who are users and occupants of an independent immovable property or part thereof. This relationship shall be settled by the payment of a maintenance fee. Since gated complexes also offer additional services and amenities to their owners, the maintenance fee is correspondingly higher than in a regular apartment block.

The advantage here, however, is that the cleaning duties and everything related to the maintenance of the common areas of the buildings and their surroundings are the responsibility of the company that maintains the complex. Of course, we should also mention that the owners have a swimming pool, playground and recreation areas surrounded by year-round greenery. If something is damaged or malfunctioning, it is enough to file a report if no measures have even been taken, to fix it. Also, at certain times, flooring is replaced and repairs are carried out, which in some self-contained apartment blocks is debated for months and years, and sometimes delayed because of the high amounts that must be set aside by each household or incorrect payers. The obligations of the owners in a gated complexes are limited to that - to pay their fees on time.

Такса поддръжка в затворен комплекс


The owners pay a maintenance fee to maintain the beautiful appearance and charming surroundings of our gated complexes - Perla, Diamond Beach and Majestic Sea Village. Some of the services included are year-round landscaping of the beautiful alleys and gardens, cleaning and maintenance of the swimming pools, secured playground, recreation areas, parking and 24-hour security, snow removal and many other services mentioned in the maintenance contract we sign with our clients - we from Artstroy 1 Investment, as the Investor and the contractor - Artstroy Facilities.

Такса поддръжка в затворен комплекс

Important: Owners of homes and commercial spaces in our gated complexes pay a fixed maintenance fee that is not changed over time. Yes, that's right - the fee is fixed! Because
Artstroy 1 Investment insists on honesty and that its customers are satisfied.

Our complexes offer their residents a paradise for relaxation after a long day. Can you imagine what it would be like to come home after a busy day and relax in the relaxing pool, steps away from your balcone?

And that's not all... you can safely watch your children happily playing in the playground, which is right next to you. And how much more restful you'll sleep at night knowing your car is safe... The price of your peace of mind is clear and fixed.


What you are waiting for? Look for your new home

You pay anyway. You're paying for the basic services we all always resent - the monthly entrance fees and all those expenses you never find out about every time. Yes, the fee you'll pay will be higher, but you'll have access to a swimming pool during the hot summer days, relax in the designated recreation areas enjoy sea views, year-round greenery and a whole bunch of extra amenities.

Stand on the other side of the fence - the residents' side of their Dream Home, surrounded by beauty, cleanliness and amenities. 

Learn more about the amenities at our gated coplexes and their maintenance fee here:

The evergreen oasis - complex "Perla"

the (UN)earthly paradise of Sarafovo - Diamond Beach complex - 
*no available properties for sale

The complex that makes dreams come true - Majestic Sea Village - Pomorie


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