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The luxury of new times: His Majesty Parking Space

    Only 30 years ago you could see more people than cars on the streets of Bulgarian cities. Today, however, we feel that cars are more than ourselves. The likelihood of encountering an acquaintance of ours at the intersection in the car on the way to work is greater than any other. The automobile is an integral part of 21st century life, and over the years it has become an increasingly affordable, and in the Western world even a must-have purchase.

   What do we mean? If you are in Western America and decide to walk to the store, some conscientious citizen in a car will stop and ask if you need help, if you need to be driven somewhere, if something has happened to you and you are in distress.

Ул. “Булаир” в строеж, гр. Бургас, 1987 г.
    Photo: Bulair str, Butgas 1987 Source: „Старият Бургас“

                                                                    Photo: Bularir str., recently opened for traffic renewed section, 2020

    The creation of today's automobile began its journey in the 2nd millennium BC. AD, when horse-driven chariots were widely used. Hardly anyone then imagined that this invention would, in the future, lead to a parking space battle. The birth date and location of the modern ICE car is 1885 in Germany.

    20th century was the century in which the automobile transformed from an attraction into one of the most necessary and important elements in the development of mankind. The production of cars in the world has been growing steadily. In 2012, the number of cars in the world is already estimated at 700 million, and estimates claim that the number will rise to 3 billion. in 2050.

     The increase in the number of cars requires larger areas for traffic and especially for parking. This affects people's living space and green spaces, especially in larger cities. Despite the measures taken to build parking spaces, they still lag behind the number of cars consumed. That is why in Bulgaria cars take over sidewalks, green areas, playgrounds, streets, muddy gardens, parking everywhere. Additionally, unfortunately, there are people who abuse the handicap parking stickers

                                                                                                                                                       Photo: Inter-block space in 1987, Burgas  
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Source: „Старият Бургас“


                                                                                                                                                                             Photo: Inter-block space in 2020, Burgas

   ... In the inter-block spaces of the 21st century there is no place for anything but cars.

   Due to the increase in car traffic, children can less and less often be left alone to play outside, rest areas are increasingly remote.

   Almost every second person in Bulgaria owns a car.

  According to the statistics, by 2019 the average number of cars in Bulgaria will be 390 per 1,000 people. This average number, however, is much higher for large administrative cities such as the capital - Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas. The infrastructure of cities was built a long time ago, and it is true that it undergoes changes and improvements over time, but the city at its center remains with its designated area, which was not created for a population with the consumption of so many cars.

  Vehicle parking is far from being a problem only in Bulgaria, it is an important problem all over the world that is looking for a solution. Here's how, for example, In Tokyo you can't get a car if you don't own a parking space.

  Where are the most expensive parking spaces in the world?

  According to the website www. spacer. com (a search engine for parking spaces), the most expensive parking space in the world costs almost 1. 5 million. uSD and is located in New York, where parking a car is impossible. Second place is held by Hong Kong and more precisely in the fifth highest (73 m) skyscraper in the world "The Center" (The Center). With this amount the buyer paid 3 times the price for the sq. m. than the average Hong Kong home, it is also more than 30 times the average annual salary in the city.

  Ranking the top 9 most expensive parking places in the world:

#1: New York - $1,476,450
#2: Hong Kong - $1,121,950
#3: Boston - $823,751
#4: London - $729,710
#5: Sydney - $264,000
#6: San Francisco - $118,236
#7: Paris - $65,015
#8: Dubai - $50,363
#9: Melbourne - $57,500

If you are interested in more on this topic, take a look HERE 


   Guess which is the #1 criteria when buying a home!

                                                                                                                         Photo:  "Tsar Asen" №1 str, Burgas 
„Старият Бургас“

                                                                                                                                  Photo: Makedonia str, Burgas


   The most frequent criteria of the buyers of properties in Burgas are 3 main - to have a parking space, to be near a kindergarten and a school. The problem of finding a parking space is a daily inconvenience, time and tension. Burgas is clogged with cars and parking spaces are much less.


  Life is dynamic.

                                                                                                                                                                 Photo: View of Zornitsa complex, Burgas, 1971

                                                               Photo: View of Zornitsa complex from "Perla 8" block, town of Burgas, 2020

   The modern block "Perla 8", part of the gated complex "Perla" in Burgas, resolves the dispute over a parking space. The block has underground parking on two levels, which saves wasting time and nerves looking for a space and the risk of being picked up by a spider and subsequent fines. The company will also construct an additional outdoor parking lot near the block for the free use of all visitors and residents in the area.

                                                                                                                                                      Photo: One of the most respectable signs: no parking

                                                                                                                                                      Photo: Inter-block space in the quarter of Vazrajdane

                                                                                                                             Photo: Inter-block space in the complex "Perla", "Zornitsa" quarter

                                                                                                                                                                  Photo: underground parking in complex "Perla"


    What is the underground parking in block "Pearl 8"?

   Block "Perla 8" is the latest project of "Artstroy 1 Investment", with a capacity of the underground garage of 83 cars – 40 PS on level -1 and 43 PS on level -2. The car park has been designed to meet all requirements, ensuring that ventilation will be provided and fire safety systems (sprinkler system) are installed, the materials used are resistant to fire and harmful vibrations.

    Access to the car park is controlled. You'll drive your car up a ramp to it, and after parking in your own parking space, you'll catch a lift. Elevators will take you directly from either level of the parking lot to your condo floor. This is a great advantage because you won't have to climb stairs with luggage after a trip or shopping trip. As for the elevators in "Perla 8", besides having a nice modern look, they are also high-speed (1. 6 m/s) and comply with the new EN81-20/50 standard, which provides additional safety measures concerning requirements for the car, doors, additional safety devices, safe distances in the shaft, etc.   

  Access to and use of the elevators are wheelchair accessible. The elevator doors are automatic, the material used is inox. This stainless steel is distinguished by its resistance to corrosion and is in harmony with the colour schemes of the building.

  The garage door is remote controlled, so only parking space owners will have access.

   By acquiring your own parking space in Perla, you not only provide a place for your vehicle, you provide peace of mind for yourself.

Available parking spaces in the complex "Perla", you can view here 

   What are the advantages of having a parking space in the Perla 8 garage?

   The main advantage is that it is the perfect option to protect your car from the outside weather, such as the very strong summer sun or the snow in winter. Are you uncomfortable using an ice scraper in the winter, especially in the morning before work? With parking in a covered car park you will not have to. 

   Another advantage of the garage is that, in addition to protection from the weather, your car will also be protected from outside intrusion. Unfortunately, the sights of a blown side mirror or a door kicked in by another car, slashed tires and raised wipers are not so rare. 

   Advantages are advantages, but there is one main reason to own your own parking space and that is for your peace of mind. The idea is that when you get home from work, no matter what time, the circuits in the area and the complicated parking manoeuvres are gone because there is a free space for you and it is in the same building you live in.


The amenities that the gated complex "Perla" presents, far from ending with the possibility of acquiring a parking space.
Find out more about them here: 

If the building is of interest to you, contact us on +359 800 20 888 and we will answer your questions


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